Education Counselling Services

We offer Australia education and career counseling services to the aspiring students, helping them choose the right course, based on their innate talents and inclinations. We believe in nurturing the natural talents and skill sets of students while helping them decide which course is best suitable for them.

Once the students are clear on which course they’d want to pursue, Mirai Education guides them regarding the various universities and colleges they can aspire for. We evaluate their chances of getting admission into each of these universities, allowing them to make an informed decision regarding their choices.

Next, we guide the aspiring students through the application and enrollment processes. Our team of skilled Australia study visa experts and Registered Migration agents offer their valuable insights and professional advice on how a student can derive the best offers and scholarships from the university of his/her liking.

Our counsellors provide the updated and the most relevant pieces of information and new developments to our new and old students alike.

When a student receives a visa and is ready to study in Australia, all set to start a new life, we provide him/her with constructive and practical information regarding the ground realities of living abroad. This helps them prepare psychologically so that they can make the most of it.

If this is the first time the student is arriving here, we make sure one of our representatives is there at the airport to pick you up. If they can’t find accommodation on their own, we offer to lend a helping hand to solve this issue as well.

We also take it upon ourselves to help the students adjust to the Australian lifestyle in a quick and easy manner. We make sure they can contact us whenever they want for any assistance they might need during their stay.

Education Counselling

  • Initial Course/Career Selection Counselling
  • Application and Enrollment with the Chosen Course
  • Post-Visa Counselling for Arriving at Australia

Course/University Change

Everyone steps into their career path with a focus on achieving something great in their life. While trying to achieve that, people do change their mind if they feel that this is not the right path for me. They might want to change the subject or university, to help them garner their interest in a new better way.
If you are experiencing any discomfort in continuing with your previous course or university, we at Mirai Education will assist you in finding the right connection with regards to your course as well as University.

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