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Living and Studying in New Zealand

Want to study in New Zealand but don’t know how to go about it? Let Mirai Education’s New Zealand study visa experts assist you in turning your Kiwi dream into a reality! Here is a breakdown of New Zealand’s higher education opportunities, what kind of institutions you can opt for, academic culture and lifestyle, and the estimated costs.

Why New Zealand

Number one reason why you’d want to pick New Zealand as your overseas higher education destination is – that the government of the country is pretty proactive when it comes to protecting the rights of its international students. It has developed the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice NZQA 2016 to ensure that the students are always well informed, safe and are properly cared for. While studying in New Zealand, it’s recommended to opt for ‘Student Safe Inbound University’ – a comprehensive insurance policy designed and supported all the universities and colleges in NZ.

Another reason why you should pick New Zealand as your preferred destination for higher studies is its high standard of living at a reasonable price and the warm and welcoming nature of the fellow New Zealanders. NZ is a land of unique opportunities with an unmatched ambiance of safety and serenity in an exceedingly relaxed environment.

Study in New Zealand

All New Zealand universities that offer higher degree level education are consistently ranked amongst the world’s best universities by QS World University Rankings. And all these high ranking universities offer a wide range of courses for undergraduate, masters as well as doctoral (PhD) degrees. You can opt for a course in the field of commerce, science, or humanities or you opt for a technical field like – medicine, engineering, agriculture, etc.

Also, you can easily apply for a scholarship to support you financially while studying in New Zealand. International students are eligible to apply for a government, private, or university-funded scholarship for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. However, take into account that some scholarships do not allow you to work beyond a certain number of hours per week.

Working Part-Time in New Zealand

In New Zealand, an international student on a valid student visa enrolled in a full-time course would most likely be able to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during all the scheduled holidays including the Christmas and New Year’s holiday periods. The country also provides opportunities for those students who wish to stay back and work after the completion of their courses. By doing this, you get to gain working experience of up to 4 years, right away after completing your education.

Cost of Study in New Zealand

How much money you’ll need to spend while studying in New Zealand, largely depends on what kind of course you have opted for and from which university. On average, the tuition fee ranges from NZ $10,000 to 25,000 annually for undergraduate courses. For post graduate courses the fees is around NZ $26,000 to 37,000 annually.

Cost of Living in New Zealand for an International Student

If you are living in the capital city, Wellington or the largest city in NZ, Auckland, you’ll have to shell out some extra bucks. But if you are studying in Hamilton or Lincoln, you can survive in limited resources. As part of your student visa application, you are required to show an amount equivalent to NZ $15,000 at your disposal.

It’s highly recommended to apply for a New Zealand study visa under the guidance of an expert and well experienced New Zealand education agent. Mirai Education and Visa Services offer you the best, most reliable assistance during every step of your New Zealand student visa application process. We take it upon ourselves to ensure your journey to this amazing land of opportunities is handled in the most professional and ingenious manner.